If you’re health-conscious and trying to manage your diet and weight-loss goals, Fitgalaxy is your go-to app. They are at your service with a plethora of features in the fitness sector. It provides online guidance on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle to help people meet their fitness goals.

With the demand to develop and execute ideas quickly and consistently, Fitgalaxy found an adaptable partner, Appening, that could deliver.

Appening worked with Fitgalaxy to convert a fascinating concept into reality.

The best way for a health and fitness app to be user-friendly is by adding features like setting goals, offering real-time personalized feedback. We made this possible for Fitgalaxy by developing Angular Web app for Fitness Track/ real-time coach.

An integrated team of UI/UX designers used the latest frameworks and technology to deliver Fitgalaxy an aesthetically beautiful App and website.

We worked hard in each step of our process and became the partner of Fitgalaxy that launched their next digital solution. We took a “design thinking” approach to solve complex problems.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and developing, the Appening team created and constructed the front-end technology necessary to read Fitgalaxy display and designed relevant information in a way that was easy for users to read and understand.

  • Fitgalaxy Ventures Private Limited