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Flying Dates – Free iOS Dating App UI/UX


Dating Applications have become a normal way to meet new people and ask them out. Everyone else is using dating apps, it’s tough to avoid using them ourselves. To help you create a Dating App of your own and bring something unique to the table in the sea of Dating apps, Appening has created an exceptional UI/UX design concept for Dating Applications.

With our research done we are able to gather all the information regarding the usability of the design app. We want to make sure there are no dead ends for the user when using the app and fluidity is achieved.

Our design motto is to Build, Interact and Execute. We materialize our ideas and solutions.

Before starting with the UI/UX Sketch, we try out various wireframes for the App. Along with wireframes, we create mood boards of colors, textures, UI patterns, type etc. In this concept, we have used Helvetica Neue Typography.

With this design concept, we have used a welcoming approach by creating trust with the user in the app sign up a walkthrough.

We want to give users a clean, objective and easy-to-use app, therefore we created a minimalist design using a white background that stands outs from other dating apps in the market.

The idea in this last part of the design process is to fine-tune and tweak out any inconsistencies. We want to put usable and delightful products in the hands of our users.