Get Set Resumes

Get Set Resume works as an online career service provider. Their services include research driven Resumes, Letters, Essays, to creating Infographics, Portfolios, Elevator Pitches and developing LinkedIn Portal Profiles, Biographies.

Their website was revamped by Appening which resulted in an increase in their online traffic. Our skilled UI/UX designers worked on Get Set Resume’s website to make it more User and mobile friendly.

We understood the culture of Get Set Resume and its unique selling propositions. Our thorough research explored the market for competitors and this knowledge enabled us to make the correct User Experience.

As design and technology go hand-in-hand. Appening also developed a Web App for Get Set Resume. The technology used was Laravel, which is one of the most used PHP frameworks.

Get Set Resume is now an award-winning website and is serving all over the world with customers from India, US, Australia, Gulf Nations, and Eurozone.

  • https://www.getsetresumes.com/