NovoPsych is designed for clinicians working in the mental health arena who want to administer valid psychometric tests via iPad, and receive results instantly.

NovoPsych wished to share their journey with us, and we gladly joined this ride. When NovoPsych turned to Appening they wanted to create a custom window to the intangible world of clinicians working in the mental health.

We delivered a fully self-organizing team from the first contact by NovoPsych. A full, diverse team, consisting of Designer, Developers, which were carefully selected to meet the client’s needs.

Appening was compatible with Novopsych not only in the terms of technology but also in terms of organizational practices.

The team sculpted a new application, all in line with NovoPsych’s brand identity. The resulting responsive web app is fully scalable and performs exceptionally well in terms of loading time, achieving the product KPIs.

The web app now live and new features have been added. From the start, the collaboration was based on mutual trust. NovoPsych was very opened to all suggestions that Appening’s development team has proposed.

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