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Our services activate superior experiences in order to build memorable creations for consumers. We are a digital agency that creates a lasting experience with everything it does.


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The world, as we know it, is constantly changing. We are Appening and we are here to enhance the way people and technology communicate with each other. Our wealth of knowledge is giving us a hand in molding our services to keep up with the changing world.


Here’s what people who we have helped so far have to say about us

Appening is an accessible, communicative team that works well in sprints. Stakeholders plan to rely on them for website updates in the future. They are accountable and disciplined.
Avinash Suravarapu
Appening successfully helped the design win a competition. The UI was very clean.
Thomas Catz
The company's customer was extremely satisfied with Appening's work. They are competent, communicative, and dedicated.
Kenneth Metral
Users are calling in with requests for help less often thanks to the improvements in the new system. Appening installed a streamlined communication system, leaving their resources to focus on technical requirements. Their expertise with multiple technologies was a highlight of the partnership.
Michael Monxhwedey
Hundreds of users have joined the solution since the designs launched. Using minimal direction, Appening successfully transformed a vision into a consistent brand presence. Communication was seamless throughout the engagement.
Tyler Cagle
The third-party client is exceptionally pleased with Appening's services. The vendor was a flexible group that took ownership of the end-to-end process. Post-release issues were reduced by 50%. Now, it takes significantly less time for external users to implement regression testing.
Saurabh Bhalla
"Excellent agency and excellent people to work with. My recommendation to anybody looking for design superiority."
Rajat Vashishta


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Appening: The Best Web And Mobile App Development Company In Noida

Appening is an ever-growing firm and ranks amongst the top web and mobile app development companies in Noida. Our prominent role is to cater to the software industry and our team of professionals works day in and day out to meet client expectations and demands in developing native apps which are customer-oriented. Appening is proactive in providing web and mobile app development services as well as UI/UX designing services and at Appening, we aim at creating the best for our clients through a fusion of Design and Technology. 

Our clients all over India and beyond have rated us as the top Web and Mobile App Development Company in Noida and we are proud of the services we have provided to date to many of our clients. Some of these include the development of various fantastic mobile applications which include Kargoo, Allocate Rite, SwarajFin, Fitgalaxy, SnehaSelect, and Nappyme. Some terrific web apps developed by our team include VananaVan, Resumod, Line Replacement, Doctors in Italy, and Truemployer.

Our team of professionals has expert solutions for all your problems and desires and works as per the ambitions that the clients have with their companies and according to the challenges that the business might face. We provide the best and most creative solutions to our clients and our team aims to build memorable creations for the customers bringing life to the ideas and turning imaginations into reality.

Services We Cover

We cater to all our clients by working with them closely and understanding their company’s culture and the vision behind it. Accordingly, we chalk out an action plan with clear deadlines and decide on a budget. We offer quality services to our clients in the following:

1. Mobile App Development

We offer app development services for both Android and iOS. We specialize in creating Native apps. Our team of developers have a great understanding of mobile technology and consumer choices and experience and keeping all of it in mind, we develop applications that are result-driven and of the latest technology. Our mobile app development services are carried out by geodata and device sensors and we also provide our clients social network integration as well as using analytics and A/B testing.

2. Web App Development

Appening offers you one of the best web app development services which help you to achieve high user traffic. Our web apps are similar to their counterparts of mobile apps and are more interactive and dynamic rather than just being a static website. In web app development services, we specialize in custom web app development, API development, SAAS (Software as a Service) products, eCommerce web development, revamping, and responsive web design development.

3. UI/UX Designing

Our UI/UX designing services is an amazing fusion of design and technology. For offering quality services in UI/UX designing, we begin the process by understanding the needs of our clients and their company’s cultures. After gathering all the required details, we conduct our own research and move on to wireframes development and then prototypes. Our forte is to deliver to our client’s modern designs and a user-friendly interface.

Our Work Process

1. Conceptualization of the Ideas: We listen to all the ideas of our clients and take into consideration all the targets that you have for your development projects. 

2. Proposal for Business: Once all the details have been collected by the clients and correspondents, these are provided to the company’s expert advisors. These expert advisors analyze all these details and your requirements, and accordingly, propose the prices. After this, the business proposal is sent for approval.

3. Development of App and Testing: After approval, our team of app developers starts the process of development and begins working on the proposed model while coordinating with our Analyzers. Once the development is complete, the final product or app is tested by the team and all issues are sorted. 

4. Delivery of the Project: Once the project is ready, all possible bugs are quashed, and it is ensured that everything in the project works out. Once all checks are done, the project is ready for being delivered to the clients.

Our Values

– Transparent Process: At Appening, we ensure that the entire process is highly transparent and maintain transparency with our clients delivering them our best services with utmost perfection and precision. 

– Customer-Centric Approach: Appening has a customer-centric approach to work and we ensure that all the needs of the clients are met by us. We work according to what our clients demand specifically and aim to fulfill all of their expectations. 

– Easily Approachable: The team at Appening is easily approachable. You can contact us on the numbers given on our website by simply writing to us through our website. 

– Profitable Growth: At Appening, we help our clients elevate their businesses and increase their gains and our services help them in registering profitable growth and increased ROI. 

– Efficient Working Mechanism: Appening has an efficient working mechanism and we have adequate experience and expertise to provide high-quality services to our clients which efficiently suit their needs.